Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pump It Up NX (New Xenesis) - Game Version Information

This document lists all of the known official released versions of Pump It Up NX (New Xenesis) and also a change log of notable features for that version.

The beta version, released in test locations in Mexico. It is notable for not having the calorie ratings, having Final Audition Episode 2-2 available immediately, and, perhaps most notable of all, ability to play charts using keyboards connected to the machine.

The most popular release of NX and was released upon launch. Keyboard play has been disabled, calorie ratings added at the end of each credit and you must accumulate 200 plays of Final Audition Episode 2-1 in Arcade station to unlock Final Audition Episode 2-2.

REMOVED SONGS - Valenti, Fighting Spirits and Fighting Spirits (Another) have been completely removed, both in Arcade and World Tour stations.
ADDED CHARTS - Features brand new Another charts for Witch Doctor #1 not playable in any other mix.
It also contains various bug fixes and disables the ability to boot the game via USB, which has been used by many to exploit the unlock system and insert a file to unlock all the songs in the game.


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