Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pump It Up NX2 USB Tricks and Info - Changing IDs, Avatars and more!

Pump It Up NX2 is the first game in the Pump It Up series which supports USB profile data. You can use a USB to store WorldMax progress, mileage, number of plays, items and more. Two songs, "Solitary 1.5" (Yahpp) and "No Despair" (Hot Potato), can only be played when a USB is used.
Andamiro decided to use proprietary USB sticks for NX2 (and NXA for that matter) which they made available for sale via the PIU Mall (on It was a nightmare ordering these internationally (I had to walk into the bank and fill out international bank transfer forms!) and coupled with the PIU tradition of phasing out old releases very fast, they became increasingly hard to find.

Official NX2 USB Drive Info:
Brand: Zyrus 1GB
Hardware ID: vid_058f&pid_6387

It may be hard to find an official drive these days, so there is an alternative method:
You can find a USB with Vendor ID (VID): 0x58F
A supported flash drive with an Alcor chip in it will work OK. I.e. JetFlash Transcend 2GB etc

You can query a directory of flash drives on an online database by searching for Vendor ID using this website:
Where it says "VID", type '058f' and you will have the full list of flash drives that will work for NX2 - FiestaEX

The next issue with NX2 (and NXA) data, is that Andamiro have retired the tools used to create profile information, rename your profile and change your avatar. Luckily, there are some user-developed tools around which allow you to overcome this problem!

NX2 Profile Maker 2.0 (Ignore the name - This also works with existing profiles!)

1. Get a supported flash drive
2. Get the serial number off of the flash drive (I use a program called "CheckUDisk" for this).
3. Run the program with the included files and set the Serial number, ProfileID, and Avatar index (Check the AV folder with the program for the number you want).

NOTE: If NX2 PumBi ever comes back online (It probably won't), these profiles will most likely get blacklisted, so I wouldn't try them.

TIP: This can work with NXA if you take your NX2 profile (or use the included blank profile) and use it with an NXA machine. Your profile will then be upgraded within NXA.

SMALL BUG: There is a weird bug where if you use numbers in your name, some weird stuff happens. I.e. If I use "s34n", the USB screen looks kinda garbled and my scores save as "34", not "s34n". If I enter "SEAN", my USB profile page looks like "SEAN  93", but my scores do save as "SEAN". I haven't tested with all 8 characters, but maybe it's an issue with white-spacing, not really sure! This was tested with an existing profile created by the machine, for profile renaming only.

Download and Usage Info:;act=ST;f=18;t=11466

NX2 / NXA Save Game Editor (NOTE: After testing, this tool only seems to work with Bootleg mixes!)
- Profile Name Change
- Profile Avatar Change
- Profile USB Serial Number Change (for migrate the save from USB Drives)
- Have fun!

Project and Source:

Special thanks to the forums and people involved in creating and sharing this information.