Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dance Dance Revolution DDR - Error 189 and 190 - You are using unknown cabinet. Check all connectors

Error: Error 189 and 190

Message: You are using unknown cabinet. Check all connectors.

Reason: This error message usually presents itself when there is a pad or platform error. Either: your pads are unplugged, your pads are not linked together correctly, something within the pad is unplugged (IO Cards under top corner metal panels). You may also have a wiring issue within the pads or from the pads to the cabinet.

Tips: Check all your wiring from your pads to the JAMMA and power source. Trace them all the way up and test the Pad IO boards with a voltage meter once power is supplied to the pads. Check each arrow for input. Check all your pad connectors are plugged in correctly, check your pads are linked together with the cable that connects the pad IO boards. I have personally had both errors: 189 AND 190 for this same issue.

My best advice is to burn a copy of a DDR Image with IO checks removed (Usually marked 'noiocheck') and see if the cabinet boots up in general, just to make sure there is not a larger hidden issue lingering behind the scenes!


  1. Amazing post concerning 573 benami !
    My pccard is out of order, and i would like to downgrade the time to find a new pccard.
    Links seems broken...

    Is it possible to have a link for a very old iso that do not use pccard ?

  2. Hi,

    I think you are speaking of the PCMCIA card, correct? (You have tried both slots correct? If I recall correctly, it only works in a specific slot)

    From what I believe, a portion of this card is used for game data, which is why it's required for the game to boot. You can disable the card in the operator menu, but I believe disabling the card is really just disabling the edit portion of the card (8MB on a 32MB card)

    Here are some card models you can use as replacements:

    Fujitsu MB98A80073 Series 32MB Linear Flash Card

    M-Systems 32MB PCMCIA Card
    FlashLite 100

    32MB Pretec Linear PCMCIA Flash Card
    PN# F13032W

    If it's a Dancing Stage, it may even be a 16MB card, but these will still work as a replacement.

  3. Many thanks for this answer.
    I've ordered on ebay a 32 mb pretec, not the PN# F13032W, but a very similar : hop it will be ok. The correct slot is the 2..

    Many thanks again for your amazing FAQ.

    I have a 700B01 rom, do you know if it's possible to perform the installation of DDR extreme 2 on it (that is the only torrent i've found) ?
    And will you update the other torrents ? links are broken.


  4. Hey,

    The 573 boxes are veryyyy picky, so fingers crossed on that one!!
    I haven't hard of a DDREX 2 for Arcade, are you sure it's not the home version?

  5. My 573 is a dancing stage euromix 2 : really nice.
    I'm going to double check for my iso, but it seems to be ddr extreme with 2 CD : install + game.

    Will you update the torrent section ? or are they lost ?


  6. ahhh DDR Extreme 2 CD... ok yeh, that should work! Let me know how it goes! :)

  7. hi, sorry to bother you but I own a DDR Extreme arcade PCB but without pads and so, connecting to the jamma harness I have a 190 error.
    Can you please tell me where to find the noiocheck ISO or how to patch an original ISO (I can dump my disk or create it from a mame chd) ? Thanks in advance

  8. I found another case where you will get error 189. The write protect switch on my PCCard got bumped to "Protect" and every time it booted it would fail and report error 189. Switched it back to unprotected and the game boots fine. This is with a single disk DDR Extreme V 1.95b CD-Rom.