Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dance Dance Revolution DDR - Error 119 - You are using an incorrect CD-ROM...

Error: Error 119 (Can also appear as error 114 on other mixes)
Message: You are using an incorrect CD-ROM. Replace the CD-ROM to XXXXXXXX and turn on the main power. (Where XXXXXXX is the CD Code for the DDR Mix. I.e. B20-JA-A02 is 7th Mix)
Reason: This error message usually presents itself when the 573 expects a disc for a game (I.e. Max 2) but the disc inserted is different.
Tips: If you are trying to install a new mix, try flipping DIPSW 4 to change the 573's boot mode and try again. Check that the disc inserted in the CD-ROM is correct for the game installed on the 573.

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